Dark Chocolate Cookie Dough Bites

Months ago, instagram user @_afreshpurefood¬†posted a killer recipe for a healthy, non dairy “cookie dough” that is safe and edible. I IMMEDIATELY had to jump on that and munched on this cookie dough daily until it was all gone.   As great as that recipe was, this week it dawned on me how to make…… Continue reading Dark Chocolate Cookie Dough Bites

Sweet potato & kale quiche

This week, I straight up was not feeling the “Sunday meal prep.” Instead of making a bunch of sides for mix and match meals through the week as I usually do, I opted for making one big “main dish” and decided I could wing the rest. In the spirit of laziness, I also wanted this…… Continue reading Sweet potato & kale quiche

Kitchen sink hummus

Hummus, am I right? So many yummy flavors, how does anyone choose just one? Life hack: you don’t have to. I made this “kitchen sink hummus” in a moment of weakness, torn between beet hummus and sweet potato hummus. It turned into one big whirlwind of ingredients, but SO SO GOOD. ¬†I decided to title…… Continue reading Kitchen sink hummus

Donut Hole Balls

Throughout my wellness journey I have developed a great ability to reject unhealthy foods 90% of the time without feeling deprivation of any sort. The other 10% of the time, I want to pull a Tom Haverford and treat myself in totally unnecessary ways. One of the only junky foods I have a hard time…… Continue reading Donut Hole Balls